In our beloved nation, the annual Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam marks a pivotal moment for over 900,000 students. However, a concerning trend has surfaced over the past decade – more than 50% consistently receive grades below D+, raising questions about the potential long-term repercussions for our country.

With 80% of our population under 35 years old, Kenya stands as the 10th most populated country in Africa, projected to reach 100 million inhabitants by 2050. This demographic composition could be a ticking time bomb if the current trajectory of youth and education outcomes persists, resembling a slow slide towards a form of modern slavery where skills are lacking, and individuals become labor slaves.

My primary concern centers on young men, a demographic that, if neglected, could pose a serious threat to our nation’s stability. The current situation risks breeding a generation of young men feeling lost, angry, and disillusioned, many grappling with academic challenges. The potential fallout encompasses various societal aspects, from social services and health to energy, education, food, security, and overall life outcomes.

The annual influx of over 250,000 boys labeled as ‘failures’ could become the fulcrum upon which our nation’s future teeters. Over a decade or two, this number compounds, magnifying the risks we face as a society. It’s crucial to recognize that these young men are not inherently criminals; the real societal threat lies in the failure of leaders to address their needs and implement transformative programs.

Urgent and transformative initiatives are paramount to address the challenges faced by these young men. The onus falls on leaders with the mandate to shape the future outcomes of society. Failure to act not only endangers the future of these individuals but also poses a broader risk to the entire country and region.

The call to action is crystal clear – DEMAND MORE and BETTER for our sons. Establishing community centers, art hubs, sports gyms, soccer fields, tech hubs, technical schools, and social centers can provide diverse opportunities for growth.

A lost, angry, and disillusioned young man is a significant potential threat to societal stability. Guiding and leading them towards paths of prosperity, safety, dignity, and meaning can help mitigate these risks.

Ignoring the plight of these 250,000 boys each year not only jeopardizes their future but also the safety and well-being of every woman and girl in our society. It’s time to prioritize the development, social interventions, and safety of our young men to ensure a harmonious and prosperous future for all.

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