Who we are…

Our vision is to train, mentor and raise young male leaders for the African continent.

Yazua Afrika is an organization that trains boys on Leadership and Masculinity through personal development tools with the aim of preparing them for influence and leadership in their communities as positive, transformative change agents.

Our engagement is with boys from age 12 – 21 years.

The models of old that prepared boys for the responsibilities of masculinity have long been   abandoned   or   become obsolete; we now have a system that leaves young men to their own devices and a trial-and-error attitude, they are left groping through the darkness trying to find themselves.



At Yazua Afrika we walk with him through the process and prepare him to come out the other side sure in his ways, confident in his thoughts and bold in his actions. We do this through personal development tools, experiential activities, project-based learning/outcomes, community engagements and leadership camps.

Our young men are the solution the continent needs.  A strong capable and visionary generation of men not threatened by the success of their female counterparts but one that aspires to grow and support the men and women in their lives, while creating and innovating for a wealthy, healthy, strong and prosperous African future.

THEY THAT can lead from the front. They are the Continent’s future.

What We do

“We Raise Leaders.”

We are a personal development firm that focuses on raising, positive, transformative strong male leaders in society.

We do this through our leadership models that focus on developing and preparing young men for positions of influence in society through experiential programs, project-based learning, mentorship and outdoor adventure camps and excursions.


Why We do it

The African continent has been plagued with catastrophic failures in leadership and development, putting at risk the very survival of the continent and its people.

The wealthiest continent in the world in terms of natural resources, beautiful climate, rich cultures and wonderful people; we are unfortunately known for poverty, bloody civil conflicts, corruption, death, disease and high illiteracy rates.

This however doesn’t have to be the script of the future and our objective as Yazua Afrika is to correct the tide; we can have a beautiful, happy and prosperous continent built and safeguarded by strong, responsible, positive men.

We are passionate about realizing the full potential of the man for the good of society, developing responsible men who are well capable of leading the community to a place of self-sustenance and development.


Our Tools

Below you’ll find a short overview of each program model and its format. We work from the ‘inside-out’ and take your son/man through an introspection journey as he seeks out his own masculinity, identity and purpose; and how and where to express it successfully through project-based learning.

Our Tools…

We employ four key MODELS in our interventions, each with a keen focus on Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformative Masculinity tailor made for each age group..

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