YOUNG MEN: 18 – 24 Years

What will you BUILD for the world? Every young man has a burning desire, a drive for the amazing and transformative.

As a result of our programs as masculinity and leadership consultants our young men lead from the front, they shift and change the narrative of their generation. We stoke and carefully BUILD the dream and focus of young men to grow them as THINKERS I LEADERS I INNOVATORS

The model runs for 3 months and involves sessions with strong male influences and leaders in Kenya where the young men are inspired to create, dream and implement their ideas in a semi-incubation space for transformation in the world.

We are looking for young men who can, desire and want to change the world, who do you know? BUILD is currently going for a reduced price of Kshs,  31,500.


6 months Age: 12 – 14 years.

F.O.R.G.E. is derived from the word ‘FORGING’ which means to create something through a process. It embodies the process of first envisioning a thing, designing it then acquiring the necessary materials needed to ‘make’ what was envisioned.

This is a 6-month program that begins 4 months prior to circumcision. The young men are taken through a process of understanding who they are (identity), and what it means to be male. Then through fire and pressure, the masculine soul is FORGED forth.

We use a leadership model specifically created for Men, to ignite and catalyze a mind-shift on the idea, practice and development of ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ & ‘Positive Masculinity’.

The boys are taken through a high-capacity, experiential and physically challenging process; we use experiential activities to deliver our content.

What To Expect

Military style obstacle courses, ropes and rock-climbing challenges, mental and physically challenging activities and teamwork activities meant to push an individual beyond their imagined limits. You will also form lifelong bonds with other men, an opportunity to grow your leadership capacity, perseverance and GRIT.

Through the FORGE program we expect to ‘FORGE’ men keen on transforming their societies, leading from the front and taking on the difficult and hard decisions in life.

Get FORGE at Kshs 120,500.


3 months I Age: 13 – 15 years

This is a both online and outdoors adventure program.

DECISIONS are the bedrock upon which a young man lays the foundation for his future aspirations and hope.

Through  three months intensive life coaching model/tool we empower young men to achieve their greatest potential through embracing and living out their purpose in life and making a great impact in society. We build their capacity to make and stand by decisions that will impact their life and the community they engage with.

We work with participants through interactive experience to help them define their mission in life and dreams, actualize their goals and align them to a fulfilling life purpose while directly impacting society by giving back their time, skills and resources to impact others and achieve their highest and greatest aspirations as change agents in Africa.

Each individual capacity to lead and transform the world is nurtured and ignited through a process of careful forging and strengthening a man’s greatest asset; his heart and mind. We inculcate community site visits and projects in the program. Done in groups of 12 individuals each.

Charges: Ksh. 28,800/- full program

Man Up Leaderships.

1 night outdoors Camping Challenge 5 Sessions Age: 13 – 15 years

The ManUp Leadership Adventures are short high impact excursions taken over a 3–5-day period.

We hike and camp in the outdoors and participate in obstacle courses, physically challenging and exciting activities with the aim of inspiring a masculine movement where Men lead and play out their roles positively and responsibly for the society through active and transformative leadership endeavors.

We help them discover their leadership potential and mission in life through group challenges and experiential activities.

Done in groups of up to 18 boys Charges: Ksh. 3000/- full program

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